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Mashable: Sustainable Farming

Mashable's highly successful online news platform got a jolt into the world of video content by bringing in Eric Korsh to launch myriad projects to augment the site. Korch turned to Tarr and Carolyn Chen, with whom he had worked extensively, and their company Production for the People to create content that would entertain and stimulate Mashable's audience.

For their series Mashmeet, where photographers and bloggers capture a unique environment through their varied perspectives and techniques, Korsh asked PFTP to meet photographers at Fiscalini Farms - a days drive away with a days notice and a budget to match - to create a video about the experience. 

Tarr, a big supporter of regenerative farming, jumped at the chance and sent a small, brilliant team of three to create a video about the farm's sustainable practices and the photographers' immersion into that world.

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