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Homecoming for Veterans

Neurofeedback, a groundbreaking brain training technique that improves performance and mitigates many types of dysfunction including ADHD, depression, and autism, is especially effective in relieving the extensive symptoms of PTSD


To bring awareness of the benefits of neurofeedback and to further avail it to people in need, Tarr founded Homecoming for Veterans with The EEG Institute, the premier center for research, training and education in neurofeedback. 

The results of the initial work with PTSD were staggering: extensive remediation of suicidal thoughts, migraines, rage, flashbacks, sleep disorders, depression, and tinnitus.

With detailed white papers and videos of impressive case studies in tow, Tarr, the Executive Director, launched pilot programs for veterans at several Salvation Army homeless shelters and for active duty service people at several military bases, as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq.


She represented HC4V at several military conferences, where she arranged presentations, created all materials and even live blogged to the NF community.  On two lobbying trips to Washington, Tarr arranged and chaired meetings with senators, congressmen and their staffs, Pentagon top brass, NIH executives, and numerous veterans organizations, with unprecedented access to the prime connections vital to the organization.


Many of the pilot programs Tarr launched have become permanent and grown exponentially, while neurofeedback training for PTSD is happening globally, with thousands of success stories for those suffering with PTSD.

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