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From the initial paradigm-shifting work at her production company Squeak Pictures, to messaging and fund-raising for global non-profits, Tarr has corralled a deep network of resources and experience in the worlds of production, advertising and social change.  As a lobbyist in Washington, she has raised political and organizational awareness for causes. And as an Executive Director, she has launched organizations to change the conversation about issues.

Tarr can reinvent your brand, organization or campaign and engage your community.

Professional References

Senator Russ Feingold

            U.S. Senator from Wisconsin 1993 - 2011, U.S. Special Envoy to Africa 2013 - 2105

Craig Emanuel

             Paul Hastings/Chair of the firm's Global Entertainment and Media Practice

Mario Velasquez

             President of Rock The Vote 1999 - 2004, revolutionary

Larry Kopald

              Founder of The Carbon Underground 2010 -2022, award-winning Executive Creative Director 1987 - 2002

Steve Lytle

              Director of the Salvation Army Bell Shelter 2012 - 2022, Associate Producer of Like Water for Chocolate


We are all one, we live and grow interdependent, interconnected, one.


Pam Tarr focuses on creating strategic alliances between the worlds of advertising, entertainment and social change.


Tarr’s determination for innovation began with the redesign of the commercial and music video industries through her company Squeak Pictures, where she shepherded the rise of many talented new directors including Sean Penn, David Kellogg and McG, and produced over 2000 projects totaling more than $150 million of production revenue. During its 15 years of award-winning work, Squeak cherished its reputation for producing progressive, cutting-edge work – work that made a difference - and provided fertile ground for over 100 directors to develop their vision.


Driven by a desire to use the resources of the entertainment industry to create social change, Tarr has built a career on the development and nurturing of creative talent, projects and unconventional ideas. Consistently creating new business models and finding new avenues for the distribution and production of content has taken Tarr down a path not well-traveled, where her trailblazing has facilitated the blossoming of non-profit organizations, brilliant young directors, trade associations and non-traditional business strategies.


In addition to its commercial, PSA and music video projects, Squeak produced uniquely shaped longform content, marked most notably by the 2004 theatrical release of its first feature Showboy, a model for the creative integration of marketing in a film and blurring the line between fact and fiction before the start of reality TV. Squeak subsequently produced a feature-length documentary, Dylan’s Run, about a young, African-American Republican running for a Congressional seat in the most racist district in the South.


When the transition from a talent-driven to a project-driven company was complete at Squeak, Tarr began her full-time work in strategic entertainment, focusing on exploring content that creatively merges the worlds of advertising and entertainment. Tarr developed a Broadway musical based on the book Like Water for Chocolate and a multi-platform project in live theater, TV film and a charitable foundation called Hoop de Ville.


Tarr does extensive work with non-profit organizations to empower change. In her work with Rock the Vote, Tarr was the architect of a business model that created revenue for non-profits that lend their message to commercially viable entertainment.


In addition to her work as a producer, Pam helped found the Music Video Production Association, of which she was president for 15 years; served as West Coast President of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers and was the Chairperson of their 2003 Show at the MET; and helped found the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation (EIDC – now FilmLA), for which she was the first secretary.


Tarr received her BA from Stanford University.

Pam Tarr CV

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