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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is providing a wide range of health care services for a broad clientele so their Pacific NW Branch (PPGNHI) wanted to raise awareness that they are about more than just family planning.



Groovy Seattle-based ad agency, Wexley School for Girls created the concept for a PSA campaign - a misdirect from people's basic assumptions about what PP does - and partnered with Production for the People, a production company owned by Tarr and Carolyn Chen (Director/DP), which dives in whenever possible to support projects that empower women and girls.



With a budget to cover the smallest expenses and Chen at the helm as director, PFTP reached out to the production community for support. As they usually do when the opportunity to do good is offered, the support was deep and generous. Everyone rolled up their sleeves to help for pennies - from the locations, the casting, the talent, and the production crew to huge donations of talent and resources for editorial (Lost Planet) and sound design/mix (Eleven Sound ). United Talent Agency offered Missi Pyle ('DodgeBall', 'The Artist') to do the voiceover - the perfect choice after Missi’s work for PP teaching sex ed in schools. Tarr even got the Screen Actors Guild to waive any fees for her work.

A :30 and a :15 were completed for initial distribution on YouTube and Hulu, with a possible broadcast buy in 2017. With the sharing by this team alone, we expect this to seen by millions and increase understanding of the health care services offered at Planned Parenthood.

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