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Boomer Coalition

About the Boomer Coalition:

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, wanted to raise awareness that heart disease is the Number #1 killer of Baby Boomers (ages 40 - 60). So they turned to their advertising agency strawberry frog, internationally highly regarded for its creative, provocative and effective campaigns. strawberry frog created the Boomer Coalition, a non-profit organization, to do just that.

In the first year, with initial funds from Pfizer, the Boomer Coalition produced several creative campaigns: an auction of celebrity-designed jeans called my Jeaneration; six hearses painted with flower-power designs which traveled the streets of NY proclaiming the message; a concert at NY's Hammerstein Ballroom featuring boomer-friendly artists; and a PSA directed by Bryan Singer that played during the Academy Awards.

Ace Entertainment's task:

Although initial campaigns had been successful, BC wanted to further raise awareness through its brand, increase donations and sponsorships, and build its membership through traffic to its site.

Website support:

Tarr introduced several brilliant creative teams to partner with BC to create viral Internet marketing campaigns. Through her relationship with Digital Organics, Tarr facilitated the donation of their simple, yet addictive, Video Editor, customized for the BC site for use by its members. This program not only encouraged visits and engagements by users, it legally harvested email addresses for the BC database of all the friends to which their members sent the videos they created on the site.

eMusic partnership:

Tarr created a co-marketing partnership with eMusic, that brought resources, marketing opportunities and revenue to BC. eMusic, a subscription service, was the second largest online distributor of music after iTunes at the time. They shared a baby boomer audience with BC. 

eMusic created an offer of free music downloads for anyone sent to their site by BC. This drove traffic to the BC site, and in turn to eMusic. For all visitors to eMusic from BC, they paid a bounty as a donation to the organization.

This offer, announced as one of the Top Ten free Christmas gifts on the Today Show, initially crashed both sites and was enormously successful beyond all initial projections.

eMusic created co-branded music download cards, like a credit card for free music on their site, for BC to pass out at all their events, send to friends, etc.

Additional corporate partners:

To encourage advertiser sponsorship, Tarr developed plans to integrate products into co-branding campaigns with BC.

In a pitch to Crystal Light, Tarr developed campaigns to promote both brands through events, in-store promotions, and advertising. For instance, HtoO (a bottled water that gives 100% of its revenue to non-profits) was willing to create a small bottle to be packaged with Crystal Light products for sale with all revenue going to BC.

Boomer Coalition
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