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Council for a Livable World

The first nuclear non-proliferation organization was founded by the scientists who created the nuclear bomb to convince the world not to use it. For more than 50 years, Council for a Livable World has effectively used its PAC to support senators who denounce proliferation and raise awareness about the nuclear threat. 


Unfortunately, the organization's support (and its board) lied squarely in the over 65 year old demographic. How to get young people to understand the perils of nuclear proliferation, to embrace the futility of a no-win global strategy?


Tarr came on board to strategize and reinvent the organization's viability for a new generation. With the creation of a Strategic Action Team (leading global activists and top entertainment and advertising industry leaders), Tarr brought in innovative strategic thinking with the muscle to activate it, including Stephanie Cutter to do top level PR and an award-winning website design firm to reinvent the website.

Nuclear Terrorism:

The team identified nuclear terrorism as the most resonant threat for young people - and reasonably so. Experts like Jim Walsh advised the group about the high probably of a nuclear terrorism event. The Center for American Progress mobilized its experts to support the initiative.


A provocative internet campaign was designed to shock and mobilize a social media audience. A series of seemingly "stolen videos" tell the story of nuclear material easily stolen from a Russian facility and traveling across the globe to its destination - a self-taught team of bomb makers, ready to launch a devastating global disaster.

Political Support:

Tarr organized meetings with senators and their staffs to galvanize support for the campaign. Led by Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, the support was unanimous and strong. Efforts to identify a Republican co-chair for the initiative were progressing.


The focus of nuclear terrorism was energizing for the organization, although much of the activation of the campaign was limited as the organization turned their resources to the more traditional methods of success thus far for the organization.

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