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Allstate Ride for Awareness

The competition for turf in the motorcycle insurance industry is fierce. Allstate wanted to find a way to stand out with some cause marketing. They hired Nate Hudson, owner of BA Moto and custom vintage bike builder to the stars, to ride 10,000 miles through all fifty states to raise awareness about motorcycle safety.

Leo Burnett, Allstate's ad agency, was tasked with the creation of a site to follow Nate's historic ride and they brought in Production for the People, Tarr's production company, to capture some of the moments along the journey.

Tarr worked with a small, multi-talented crew on a shoestring budget to follow Nate in Nashville and the Colorado mountains and get a sense of his experience. Along the way the team became fast friends leading to more creative projects together in the future.

Allstate used the videos to great effect in a website that brought much attention, press and affinity from consumers to Allstate. Success!

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