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Founded by Sharon Davis, former First Lady of California, as an electronic portal for women and girls that encouraged political and civic involvement, sheVotes first wanted to reach single women with voter registration information. They lacked a strategic plan to drive traffic to the site, capture the attention of disengaged single women, and register them to vote.


With Nicole Wicks, Ace Entertainment created a three month high profile media campaign to create visibility for the website so it could be an effective tool in getting women to vote in the 2004 Presidential election and to firmly establish the organization's brand for the future.

An extensive plan was presented to the board that included: clarifying the organization's direction/goals; assembling a Strategic Action Team; preparing an initial development package; creating strategic alliances with with corporations and individuals; hiring an advertising agency; lay out of a strategic media plan; a PR plan; identifying and enlisting spokespeople; website development; T-shirt campaign; and an agenda for the future.


The team created a substantial development package; secured Three Dots (one of the hottest manufacturers) for design and creation of a T-shirt, had discussions with several potential investors and inked a deal for co-marketing with the stars of the Reality TV Stars calendar.


Ace enlisted and retained a top PR firm, and ZPFM, a top style-centric ad agency in NY. Tarr's relationship with the editor of W Magazine provided the organization with coverage in their personal shopper section to promote the T-shirt, gave the organization access to W clients to initiate sponsorship relationships, and introductions to sister publications. Tarr also enlisted the support of Elle Magazine, which gave sheVotes coverage and offered a website link to reach their subscribers.

W donated a booth for sheVotes at their highly-publicized event in Bel Air - the Hollywood Yard Sale - where over 100 people were registered to vote.


Ace Entertainment took a start-up brand with no existing organization and raised its visibility to a national level, enabling it to raise money and to register people to vote, per the proposed plan. It also engaged strategic partners, in media and in advertising, and laid a foundation which, with more support and a broader mandate from the board, could elicit much more activity for the organization.

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