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Reversing Climate Change


You Can Reverse Climate Change for $5.


Carbon drawdown is the primary issue of our times and The Carbon Underground (TCU) wants everyone to understand that, while reducing emissions is essential, we’ll be facing the residual effects of climate change for centuries unless we draw down the legacy carbon already in the atmosphere.


TCU wanted to engage people globally in drawing down legacy carbon, specifically people who care about the environment but feel powerless to do anything about it. So we launched Adopt-A-Meter – a social media program to crowdfund regenerative agriculture and draw down billions of tons of carbon.


As Program Directors, Pam Tarr and Jon Cooksey crafted a strategic game plan, identified donors, worked with grant writers, created messaging, and built partnerships as diverse as the American Sustainable Business Council, Ace Hotels, Mercedes and Thrive Causemetics.


Bringing in American Farmland Trust as an initial partner created a platform for joint access to lawmakers, donors and a network of almost 100,000 American farms. We engaged top advertising agencies, the hottest live streaming network, Twitch, and brilliant social media experts to craft and distribute our message to a diverse audience.


Our Mother’s Day Initiative to support women-owned farms enrolled dozens of affiliate members, including like-minded non-profits and their members. ASBC alone took the message of reversing climate change through carbon drawdown, and our social media kit, including a head wreath filter for Instagram, to over a thousand member companies and hosted a webinar for their members to enlist support.


Adopting a meter of degraded soil for $5 is a small step toward making regenerative agriculture the standard of how we grow food, so we can draw down legacy carbon and clean our atmosphere. But this campaign was never just about raising money -- it’s about raising hope.

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