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Legacy of Good: Campbell Hall School

To launch its most ambitious development campaign in its 60 year history, Campbell Hall School wanted to create a campaign that would delineate its unique brand from other K-12 college prep schools in the Los Angeles area.


After creating powerful videos for its Summer Enrichment Program, where high achieving, low income kids are mentored and educated at CH, Tarr and Dick Buckley were proud to donate their creative energies to support the school they loved.


With brilliant writer Rex Wilder on board, they did a brand exploration and planned a rollout of their campaign 'Legacy For Good' through a fundraising video, brochure materials, letter from the Headmaster, event takeaways, and a new school magazine called 'Good News'.

With Tim Allen doing for the voiceover for the videos, the campaign, all at just pennies to the school, powerfully launched a campaign for the future of Campbell Hall.

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