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Brand Impact

for organizations and campaigns

Pam Tarr

After decades in the commercial and music video production business, I was driven to apply these influential techniques to advancing important social causes that could benefit from a more dynamic and cutting-edge approach to marketing and audience development. The roster of projects below demonstrates the powerful potential of this bolder approach to non-profit and cause marketing.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Marketing.
Large-scale Fundraising Campaigns.
Political Engagement.
We bring a powerful message to the perfect audience.


Analysis and Execution
The right plan with the resources to make it real are essential for successful goals. Goals need to be Strategic, Attainable, Measurable (SAM). We have a global network of deep, active  relationships ready to support our work. Strategic Action Teams galvanize power, resources and open up opportunities with influence. 

Genesis and Evolution

Launch, evaluation, market analysis, repositioning, expansion. We have the top creative and analytic specialists to review the image of your organization and how it can best reflect its mission. Logo, design and website represent who you are to your audience and are the foundation for all communications and programs. 


Corporate, Public and Private

Strategic partners are the key to exponential growth and success for your organization. We bring in key players in every sector to move ideas into action, build coalitions and support, and create a sea change for your movement. 


From Concept through Distribution

From direct mail to social media, from event presentations to speeches, from websites to nationally broadcast PSAs, we have substantial experience to craft your story in effective, powerful media from concept through delivery. No matter the budget or the scope, we have award-winning teams to create awe-inspiring messaging. 


Program Management, Executive Direction

We are ready to take on any size task, from a broad reorganization to a specific program. Pam Tarr has launched ground-breaking companies and organizations but can also focus her efforts on an initiative or communication. As an independent consultant or in-house staff, she can bring resources, energy and innovation to create major success.


are synonymous


I look forward to hearing from you.

Send me an email or call me at 250-221-9747  or 310-612-7754

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